Help & hope for pastors who have been fired or forced to resign.

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PHN is like paramedics for hurting pastors.

Paramedics don’t show up at the scene of a wreck and ask, “Who caused this?” They ask, “Who is hurt, how are they hurt, and how do we get them stabilized and on the road to recovery?” Similarly, when pastors are fired or forced to resign, we’re not looking for someone to blame—we’re looking for someone to help.

Help for you (and your family)

When a pastor is fired or forced to resign, Pastors’ Hope Network provides the following services to the entire family, kids included.

A stand-out resume

Your resume is often your first impression. Our professional resume writers will make sure yours stands out.

Help finding a job

Not sure where to look for work? Thanks to our partners, we find ministry opportunities & other jobs for pastors in transition.

Financial guidance

Our wealth advisors help transitioning pastors structure/restructure their budgets, assess retirement options, and more.

Wise counsel

Our network of Christian counselors helps pastors and their families deal with their grief, pain, and discouragement.

Pastoral care

Even shepherds need to be shepherded, so we connect pastors & their families to other local church pastors.


When you lose a ministry position, you often lose your church family, too. We’ve been there and we’re here for you.

“Deanna listened to my  story, heard my heart, and showed me grace.”

Kristen, Pastors’ Hope Network Client

“Pastors’ Hope Network breathed life and restoration back into me personally and helped my family heal and find joy in ministry once again.”

J.A., Lead Pastor

Frequently Asked Questions.


How much do your services cost?

Thanks to God’s provision through our generous donors, most of our services are free. Counseling is the only exception because we’ve discovered that our clients benefit from it most when they’re personally invested in it—even if their investment is small.


Does it matter whose fault it was?

No. We don’t get into that because we’re not looking for someone to blame. We’re looking for pastors (and their families) to help. So, if you’ve been terminated or forced to resign and could use some support, you can request help here.


Do you only help pastors?

No. In addition to pastors and their families, Pastors’ Hope Network serves those who have been fired or forced to resign from a variety of ministry positions.


How do I request help?

To apply for assistance from Pastors’ Hope Network, just complete our help request form and we will be in touch.

Moving On Surviving the Grief of Force Termination by Deanna Harrison

A Christ-centered guide from people who know the pain of termination— firsthand.

“Deanna Harrison skillfully weaves biblical principles, psychological findings, and staggering statistics to provide hope that God can bring healing and recovery to individuals and families who face the trauma of forced termination. If you’ve experienced this heartache, or know someone who has, this book is a valuable resource.”

Pastor David O. Dykes, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, Texas

Download “12 Steps to Take in a Crisis”

These 12 steps are a compilation of things we did and things we wish we had done when my husband was forced to resign after 30 years of pastoral ministry.

Deanna Harrison, Executive Director, Pastors’ Hope Network